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In-house courses
"If you can't measure it, you can't manage it."
-- Peter Drucker
[ ]How we work with you
[Bullet 1]  Accounts Training can deliver courses at your office or any other location of your choice.
[Bullet 1]  You can choose the delivery method; for example, you may want traditional classroom
[Bullet 1]  training, or you may prefer a case study workshop.
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[Bullet 1]  Training can be delivered to suit your timetable and can be delivered to any number of
[Bullet 1]  participants - we do not specify a minimum or maximum number - we deliver the
[Bullet 1]  training that you want.
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[Bullet 1]  You can choose from a wide range of finance courses, all of which can be tailored to meet
[Bullet 1]  your requirements. Or, you can choose to have a bespoke course designed to meet the
[Bullet 1]  specific requirements of your business.
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[ ]How you will benefit
[Bullet 1]  We ensure that our course material is relevant to you. We can provide industry
[Bullet 1]  benchmarks and comparisons, source analysts' reports, competitors' accounts
[Bullet 1]  and design practical checklists. We also bring a vast supply of "war stories" to our
[Bullet 1]  finance courses.
[Bullet 1]  Bespoke finance courses have been designed for clients in sectors as diverse as
[Bullet 1]  Banking, Construction, Insurance, IT and Retail.

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