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Finance for Non-Financial Managers
"Money speaks sense in a language all nations understand"
-- Aphra Behn
[ ]Finance for Non-Financial Managers is a practical course, using real budgets,
[ ]management accounts and case studies to equip you with essential financial skills that
[ ]will benefit you immediately on your return to the office.

[ ]Objectives: To gain a good understanding of financial principles, to enable you to
[ ]manage budgets and costs and improve the margins and profitability of your business.

[ ]Course content
[Bullet 1]  Understanding profit and loss accounts, balance sheets and cash flow
[ ]
[Bullet 1]  Working capital - what it is and why it is important
[ ]
[Bullet 1]  Key financial ratios: operating margin, ROCE, ROE, debt/equity
[ ]
[Bullet 1]  How to prepare better budgets and forecasts
[ ]
[Bullet 1]  How to improve your margins
[ ]
[Bullet 1]  Controlling costs: ten tough questions to ask
[ ]
[Bullet 1]  Management accounts: what to look for and questions to ask
[ ]
[Bullet 1]  An introduction to financial KPIs
[ ]Outcomes: You will have a good understanding of the P&L account, balance sheet
[ ]and cash flow statements, be able to calculate key financial ratios and know when to
[ ]use them and confidently review management accounts and budgets.

[ ]Duration: One day          CPE: 6 hours

[ ]Why Choose Accounts Training? Your tutor will be a highly qualified Chartered
[ ]Accountant who can explain finance in a clear and accessible way. You will be in a
[ ]small group (max. 8) so you can ask questions and get the full benefit of instructor-led
[ ]training; we are quite happy for you to bring your accounts along and grill us!

[ ]Finance for Non-Financial Managers is also available as an in-house course and can
[ ]be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

[ ]For more information please email us at Info@AccountsTraining.co.uk

   "The course was great, I came away with a greater understanding than I thought I would achieve"
HR Manager, Regus

[Accounting knowledge | for everyone]