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Credit Control Workshop
"Profits are an opinion, cash is a fact"
-- Anon
If, on average, it takes you more than 45 days to collect your debts,
you need to attend this course!

Good cash flow is vital to the success of all companies. This workshop will provide you with the tools
to operate an effective credit control system and the confidence to make successful telephone calls
and improve your cash collection.

[ ]Step 1: Establishing a good billing system
[Bullet 1]  The role of the Credit Controller
[ ]
[Bullet 1]  Understanding the importance of good cash flow
[ ]
[Bullet 1]  Opening customer accounts, setting credit limits and payment terms
[ ]
[Bullet 1]  Understanding credit reports
[ ]
[Bullet 1]  Sending an effective sales invoice - how to increase your chances of getting paid on time
[ ]Step 2: Building good client relationships
[Bullet 1]  Building relations with your sales team
[ ]
[Bullet 1]  Building relationships with your customers
[ ]
[Bullet 1]  Understanding your customers' payment processes
[ ]
[Bullet 1]  Good telephone techniques - planning your call, dealing with queries, issues and excuses
[ ]Step 3: Collecting the debt
[Bullet 1]  Monitoring debtors - calculating DSO/Debtor days
[ ]
[Bullet 1]  Effective statements and reminder letters
[ ]
[Bullet 1]  Legal action as a last resort
[ ]
[Bullet 1]  The County Court process
[ ]Who will benefit?
Accounts assistants, credit controllers and anyone having to make telephone calls to collect debt from trade customers.
[ ]Duration: One day

[ ]
The Credit Control Workshop is also available as an in-house course and can be tailored to meet any specific requirements that you may have.

"By following the training tips our outstanding debtors list has reduced significantly.
In fact, 80% of our payments are now received on time and the remaining 20% are generally received within 60 days."
Credit Controller, Gazing Performance

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